Vietnam Is Awesome (VIA) is an open platform for authentic voices to share their thoughts and experiences; therefore, move us towards to greater understandings about Vietnam.

We believe in the power of words to create, build up, inform, nourish, and repair. Toward that ideal, VIA seeks to foster original writing that entertains, informs and educates, expresses truths boldly, and seeks ways forward thoughtfully and inclusively.

To be eligible for publishing posts and redeem vouchers, users must meet VIA rules as well as the following guidelines and content requirements

Editorial guidelines

1. Smart voices welcome

Topics you care deeply about make the best posts, and VIA encourage you to highlight your own perception - whether that comes from your experience, original research, or reporting in the field.

2. Introduce yourself

Let readers know who you are and what you write about by completely filling out the user profile and avatar that shows up at the top of every post.

3. Finishing touches matter

Use a fitting title and subtitle to best reflect your idea and to help promote it in post listings on and off the platform. We strongly recommend scanning for mistakes before publishing and sharing.

4. Images

Writers must post one or more quality images relevant to the story

NOTE: Double – check to make sure you are not violating copyright or licensing with your images. Try to use your own pictures as a source.

5. Keep your conversation with readers

If you receive responses to your post, engage with your readers by responding to them and applauding for their responses, where appropriate.

NOTE: You can also hide or report responses you feel are inappropriate or violate VIA’s rules.

Content Requirements

To be eligible for publishing, stories must meet all general rules as well as the following content requirements. We have set these additional guidelines for member’s stories to create a fair environment for both writers and read

  • The minimum words count is 250 words
  • You must not sell advertisements in your stories
  • Stories should not exist with the predominant purpose of guiding to an external website, business, or product. All included content must be relevant, substantial and informative.
  • If you have received compensation, free goods/services, or anything of value in connection with the topic of a post, you must let us know
  • Do not ask for claps or include other calls to action, including gifs of clapping, requests for donations, or other links or embeds for the purpose of capturing user information or soliciting money.
  • Do not use content or images licensed as non-commercial in your stories.
  • You are not allowed to express negative thinking about politics issues, religions, drugs, racism, sexual and harassment
  • You must not directly point out any name either in your stories or your comment. If you have any problem with that user, let us know.
  • In reviewing time may last for 48 hours before we announce that your stories have successfully published or not.

If you violate these rules

VIA reserves the right to review posts or accounts at any time for any post or to any account, and/or remove from the Member section content that violates these Member Content Guidelines, or VIA general rules. In deciding whether something has violated the Rules and Guidelines, we will take into account things like the context, newsworthiness, and nature of the posted information and applicable privacy laws. Repeated violations of the Rules and Requirements will result in permanent ineligibility to participate in the program.

Reporting content

If you see any content that you believe violates these rules and guidelines, please let VIA know by sending email to [email protected].

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