Writting A Compelling Story... 

It doesn't need to be an extraodinary piece of literature to uncover the awsomeness of Vietnam. What we treasure here is your authentic experience and unique stories of the local scenes. A qualified story includes the following traits:

  • Comprehensible writing in English.
  • Original story or points of view (remember, we will not accept stories that include hate speech, racism, bullying,...).
  • We encourage writers to use their own pictures to support the story. A story with lively images will atract more readers and claps!
  • Give the story a short yet interesting title, something that you think everyone will click on right when they see it.

When you think your lovely story is matched with all these traits, submit it to us and generate your VIAPoints right away!

Submitting The Story...

  • Step 1: Sign in (Facebook login is recommended)
  • Step 2: Press the 'Submit your story' red button
  • Step 3: Choose category, name your title
  • Step 4: Submit and wait for approval within 2 hours.

Something You Should Know Before Uploading...

  • Pictures used in the story should not have watermarks, photos that are free to use and not copyrighted are recommended.  
  • Chosen thumbnails should be high-quality and appealing, cause everybody wants to click on a thumbnail that looks interesting!
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